This policy applies to all information requests for the HIV Surveillance Branch.

1. The HIV Surveillance Branch publishes statistics at via the front page and Statistics link. Please review the website for available published statistics prior to submitting a data request.

2. Requests should be made by submitting the following HIV Data Request Form.

3. Requests should be submitted directly by the interested party, not their designee. Surveillance staff will respond verbally or in writing, with supporting documentation, when appropriate.

4. Clarify the information that is being requested and state how the data will be utilized in the HIV Data Request Form.

5. Please submit requests related to grants as soon as possible as grant requests often require additional time to analyze and compile (i.e., thoroughly read grant guidance to identify required statistics and initiate data requests prior to beginning narrative components).

6. Please be very clear regarding the full extent of statistics requested so that data requests can be answered in a timely manner. The HIV Surveillance Branch reserves the right to limit data analysis and compilation to two requests each six months or per grant period. To ensure the correct information is being requested, data requests may be discussed with the Director of HIV Surveillance at (334)206-6499 or

7. The Division of STD will make every effort to provide answers as soon as possible. A minimum of 10 business days should be allotted for completion of all data requests. Special circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis for requests not complying with the 10 business day deadline.

8. To protect the privacy of persons with HIV in Alabama, the HIV Surveillance Branch reserves the right to only release total numbers of HIV cases by county when the total number of reported cases is five or more. Selected variables may only be given for counties having 50 or more cases.

Please complete one form for each individual data request. All required fields are denoted by a red asterisk (*); it is not possible to submit the form without completing all required fields.

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