Please complete the following survey to report any suspected cases of monkeypox.

Healthcare providers should test any patients with suspected monkeypox. The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) is using this survey to screen suspected patients for testing. Testing is warranted if the patient has:

  • a clinically compatible rash OR
  • at least one epidemiologic exposures and other symptoms causing clinical suspicion for monkeypox.

If none of the above criteria are met, please consider testing the patient for other potential causes of illness or through commercial reference labs.

Images of the rash help ADPH medical officers in case evaluation and testing approval, specially in situations where patients have a clinically compatible rash but did not experience any epidemiologic exposures. Testing will not be denied if images are not available.

If testing is warranted after review of the information provided in this survey, you will be contacted by ADPH staff for the next steps.

Thank you

NOTE: There is no need to fill this survey if the specimen will be sent to a commercial lab or any reference lab other than the ADPH Bureau of Clinical Laboratories (BCL). If you are reporting a positive Monkeypox case, please STOP and use this form instead.

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